Home Purchasing

If you're in the market for buying your first home, then before you sign the deed's make sure you have spoken to one of our agents who can ensure that you are doing the right thing before it could be too late.

Interior Development

Turning a house into a home can be an expensive and difficult process for many. Buying the wrong types of decorative materials can be a costly exercise, to speak to an Agent property before taking the plunge.

What Does a Surveyor Do?

Surveyors are an essential when buying any form of property, as they need to ensure the building is safe to reside in or work in. Good surveyors are easy to find if you check with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who will point you in the direction of your local specialist. It is very important that you have a surveyor check over your building to make sure that it is safe and structually supported well enough to ensure safety.

Secure Car Parking

Parking a car in a secure area in your home or business normally will use a Garage. Garage Doors Surrey will help you out with installation, maintenance and repair on some of the leading garage doors brands such as hormann, garador and many others throughout the UK. A garage door house survey is free of charge to understand which door suits your house.

Rental Property Matters On The Up And Up

oak furniture

There has been a huge interest in the small clutch of houses for sale in this part of where I live.  The shortage of building land makes it difficult, although there are many ribbon developments running along the ends of every by  pass in the county.  Because the land is precious and rare, any building has to use as little land as possible and of course, that means going upwards, 3 storeys and more.  It […]

Refurbish With Care To Get Good Tenants

victorian house building

To keep a property permanently filled with paying tenants needs a good organisation.  The place has o be well looked after, clean, safe and decorated.  Although on the well kown  ‘house auction’ tv show, they always seem to think of putting very little into a refurishment ‘just for rental market’ this is not strictly the best polic.  The cheaper the work, the less the tenant will think of looking after it and the sooner another […]

Rent Or Buy – The Big Question


In years gone by there was only one way route for life – you went to school, did your exams, if very bright you went to university and got a proper job afterwards.  However you got your job, the aim was to earn enough to pay the rent and eventually buy the first flat and then the house.   There was not much variance on this.  Generally it has been the norm to rent and […]

Keeping Up The Pressure On Rented Properties

property developing

The housing market is slowing again apparently.  It really doesn’t feel it with the number of houses springing up sold signs and doing all the things they need before house exchange and then completion.  Those glorious moments that can be celebrated when those keys are handed over.  For years the new property will seem like a palace and should be cared like one, of course.   However, there are a lot of people in this country […]

Keep Up With Rented Property Markets In These Challenging Times

contemporary oak furniture

There are few things in life more anxiety inducing than that first property purchase.  For someone born in the 1950s and buying in the 1980s, this was a great deal more complicated than it appears to be these days.  There being no computers and thus no online mortgage applications etc. there was much waiting around.  Firstly of course, there was a deposit to be found and the legal fees etc.  Then having got our hands […]

Ensuring Your Property Porfolio Has Expert Handling To Maximise Potential

victorian house building

When you have just the one property, your own little domestic castle, there are many jobs that need to be attended to throughout the year to keep it in first class condition.  This will enhance any sales value later on down the line but primarily it ensures the occupants have a safe, dry and warm nest to relax and thrive in.  Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring this domestic bliss continues unabated. When a […]

Renting Out The Family Home Needs Professional Agency Expertise

victorian house building

More and more families are finding that when Mum or Dad goes into a care home, for various reasons, they find themselves reluctant to sell the family home whilst that parent is still alive.  Although in most cases, there is not the remotest chance that the parent will be able to change their mind and come home.   The placement in a home is generally as a result of the parent developing dementia or some other […]

How To Furnish Rental Properties To Attract & Keep Good Tenants

oak funirture agent

The thing that most property agencies need when letting properties is to ensure the property is immediately livable and welcoming.  When the time comes to purchase new furniture, it makes sense to invest in furniture made of oak wood. No other hardwood can offer the blend of strength, beauty and ease of maintenance that Oak Furniture does. So, investing in furniture made out of oak is always considered the smart choice. Whether you are updating […]

Differences Between Property Managment and Developers


Property development or in more simple words property management is a multifaceted business and always should be  handled with great consideration and organization. It encompasses a wide range of activities from renovation to release of pre existing buildings. The sale of the already developed land and the transfer of the same or parcel to others is involved in the business of real estate. Property developers generally do the leg work in that they work  between […]

A Guide To The Boom In Property And Real Estate Development


What is property development – also known as real estate property development in some other parts of the world. This field encompasses many other facets, including aspects such those related to renovation, re-lease, purchasing new land and developing building structures on that.  It is the responsibility of the people involved in the real estate developing to co-ordinate everything that goes into it. How is it different from construction – It is the developers who will […]

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