Home Purchasing

If you're in the market for buying your first home, then before you sign the deed's make sure you have spoken to one of our agents who can ensure that you are doing the right thing before it could be too late.

Interior Development

Turning a house into a home can be an expensive and difficult process for many. Buying the wrong types of decorative materials can be a costly exercise, to speak to an Agent property before taking the plunge.

What Does a Surveyor Do?

Surveyors are an essential when buying any form of property, as they need to ensure the building is safe to reside in or work in. Good surveyors are easy to find if you check with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) who will point you in the direction of your local specialist. It is very important that you have a surveyor check over your building to make sure that it is safe and structually supported well enough to ensure safety.

Secure Car Parking

Parking a car in a secure area in your home or business normally will use a Garage. Garage Doors Surrey will help you out with installation, maintenance and repair on some of the leading garage doors brands such as hormann, garador and many others throughout the UK. A garage door house survey is free of charge to understand which door suits your house.

Chancel Repair Claims Need Careful Scrutiny


It seems so difficult for younger folk to get on the property ladder now.  You hear horrendous stories of how they think they’ve got their deposit organised and then have to back out because the fees are just a step too far.  I assume this is why so many want to buy a brand new house – usually one of the incentives involves their fees being paid.    The searches can throw up all kinds of […]

A Little Property Knowledge Goes A Long Long Way


I remember so well the days when my partner and I used to share flats – started with a quicker exit from the family aode than first planned, a flat needed immediately was secured by offering to help with electrical and other small but critical repairs.  We were deleriously happy.  The landlord liked us and trusted my partner to do little jobs cheaply, effectively, if not necessarily entirely within the law at that time.  As […]

Property Agents Care For Inside & Out


Arghh the winter is still here and doing terrible things to our gardens and houses.  The freezing foggy weather of a few weeks ago has abated but been replaced with a grim relentless rain.  Day after day, some days it’s been really heavy and ominiously hit the windows with force every couple of hours.   It is so difficult to get outside to do any domestic and garden chores.  Professional House maintenance is a very important […]

More Colour Combinations For Refurbs Called For


Having a good eye for a bargain is always the catch phrase for the hosts in the property bought in auction lifestyle programme on tv.  They merrily chirp about what has been put under the hammer recently and we are introduced to said property before the miracle of a large bank balance or the quality of the miracle workers in the refurbishment business!  I am always wary however when a father and son combo take […]

Housing Shortages Entering A New Phase

oak funirture agent

There are so many odd little building developments cropping up around here.  I realise that brownfield infill sites are given the red light almost immediately – it’s a way of getting rid of unused properties and changing them into something useful.  Small single units for first time buyers or more like, social homes.  This should help ease what seems to be a never ending housing crisis.  When I was growing up I am positive we […]

January Blows Away Investment Blues

property developing

By the time the next new year comes around, there should have been some kind of organised progress to take us out of the EU.  This is one areea that has been such an absolute mess in the last 18 months or so.  The referendum was a complete shambles – no one in their arrogant take it or leave it’ manner ever thought we would actually vote to come out of the system, so no […]

Ensuring Safety Is The Key To All In Property

contemporary oak furniture

In this country we live in a very safe world generally.  For the most part, our white goods and furniture is safe for all families to use.  Every new home is built to better quality standards than say 2 years ago and we ca be proud of almost every industry becoming a leader in their field for customer service.  Even with our buying of properties and funding the purchase, it is so much more viable […]

Buying To Live Or Rent Out Needs Market Stability


There have been a huge number of For Sale boards popping up all over the very large and comfortable housing development that I call home.  For ten of the last 13 years, it has been pretty stagnent, not many moves in or out, a few more let out for rental than used to be.   When the market is bouyant it seems to give a lift to all industries – the local trades folk seem able […]

Removing Guesswork From Property Marketing

contemporary oak furniture

There has always been a right way and a wrong way to try and market a property.  The obvious ‘rights’ are to ensure it is spotlessly clean from the kerb up to the front door and definitely throughout and keeping the garden tidy and manageable.  A chief ‘wrong’  though is to declutter too enthusiastically – to the point where it looks as though you have already sold up and are about to move out. Much […]

Gravel Pit Redevelopment Boosts Property Markets


We have seen the most amazing rise in the number of properties coming to the market for both purchase and rental in recent weeks.  A brand new much anticipated shopping and wildlife development has at last come on stream and this has given the whole area a great fillip.  The scheme has been talked about and publicised in regular bouts of activity over the last 10 years or so and to be honest, no one […]

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